Task management tailored to real world demands
  • Built to build software
  • Advanced task tracking
  • Roles and approvals
  • Complete Time tracking
  • Asset storage and sharing
BUILDOMATUM Task Clusters page
  • Research

    Pull ideas out of the ethos and provide documentation for the purpose and plans of what you’re working on.

    • estimate driven
    • deliverable driven
    • unlimited file storage
  • Design

    From sketch to wireframe to mockup, refine designs with feedback and approvals.

    • estimate driven
    • approval driven
    • deliverable driven
    • process oriented
    • plugs–in to software
  • Development

    Track code from local development to production deployment with our six–step progress metric.

    • estimate driven
    • Automatic QA
    • State tracking
    • issue tracking
    • Link to commits
  • Copywriting

    Collaboratively create meaningful content that incorporates the overall needs of the project.

    • estimate driven
    • approval driven
    • rich text editing
  • QA testing

    Fight against bugs and errors making it into the final product with smart generated QA checklists.

    • Automatic Generation
    • Step-by-step checklists
    • Screenshot storage
    • reproduction guide
  • Launch

    Providing a detailed overview of node health and estimated completion times for all tasks.

    • deadline driven
    • automatic adjustment
BUILDOMATUM Team Collaboration Screenshot
Employee Oversight
  • Tracking in Real Time
    Know exactly what your employees are working on and how their efforts affect overall progress on the project with up-to-the-second insights.
  • Super accurate performance reviews
    Use quantitative data to evaluate each employee's skills and enable objective discussions about issues that are impacting productivity.
  • Team management
    Employ advanced tools to monitor employees, discover patterns, and help you communicate clearly and promptly to resolve problems.
  • Info at a glance provides the insights you need for day-to-day decision making.
  • Current indicators provide users with updated information at all times.
  • Team-wide historicals allow for transparency, analysis, and internal review.
  • Individual reports reveal detailed and otherwise elusive facts.
Manage your entire project at a glance
Lay out your ideas naturally, our node–based approach mimics the best methods for project mapping
BUILDOMATUM Project Management Nodes
Map your projects visually
Plan a project naturally. Imagine various aspects of projects and fill in the details to flesh out the big picture. Keep the process organized and comprehensive yet intuitive.
BUILDOMATUM Project Management Plugin Screenshot
Workflow Support
  • Easy to install and start working with
    No technical expertise required for plugins that can be installed in a matter of seconds. Once installed, you can access everything without leaving your work environment.
  • All of the cloud data in the apps you use
    Be more effective. Receive project information from anywhere, at any time, in the software you use so you can stay in the zone.
  • interact with BUILDOMATUM directly
    Streamline your workflow by directly integrating into your preferred tools. Simplify for a seamless way to get work done.
Automatic Intelligent Scheduling
Our advanced scheduling algorithm constantly adjusts for ever changing variables
  • Workflow ensures accuracy
    Inaccurate estimates can jeopardize project success. We analyze extensive data and let you know when to leverage additional resources to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Adjusts in real time
    Employees updates are automatically incorporated into the schedule, so everyone knows the true status of a project at any given moment.
Add Task
Set Schedule
Comprehensive end–to–end feature set
  • Budget tracking

    Control project costs and view actual spending against budget. Reports can display financial estimates and a real–time indication of spend.

  • Project versioning

    Explore without fear. Projects are maintained within version groups. Create iterative versions, track changes, and plan features for the future.

  • Centralized management

    Easily view and manage with our simple dashboard. Explore the data, find new ideas, and empower employees with actionable insight.

  • Real–time responsive

    Nothing gets in the way of projects moving forward. Real–time infrastructure means data stays fresh and relevant.

  • Multi–platform

    Beautifully display on a desktop, laptop, or presented on a big screen. Coming soon to tablets and smartphones.

  • Custom Notifications

    Stay on top of the latest action. Personalized messages sent via text, email, or in–app inform you of new activity that matters.

  • Action messaging system

    Collaborate with ease. Simultaneously view shared content within the system to provide context and accelerate communication.

  • Team management

    Join effortlessly. Any authorized user can set up employee accounts and manage access with roles or custom user permissions.

  • Unlimited projects

    Build faster. Build better. Build more. Manage all your projects in one place and take advantage of unlimited document storage.

  • Project mapping

    Start with the end in mind. Structure and categorize information visually to obtain the big picture then drill down into the details.

  • Printable reports

    Enhance decision–marking. Present important statistics with visually appealing reports to give others a detailed understanding of the data.

  • Progress monitoring

    Beyond monitoring, the system will predict missed deadlines based on current pace of progress, helping manageres proactively resolve issues.

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